17 October 2014

10 Things I HATE About College

  1. Being too lazy to go walk to the University Center to go work out...or even get food.
  2. The fact that I pass Starbucks everyday on my way to class. I now have a wonderful little habit  of getting some everyday. 
  3. Being broke. Welcome to the life as an adult.
  4. 8 AM's. 'nuf said.
  5. That one kid. You know who I'm talking about. The one who thinks their funny but in reality everyone, including the professor, really really wishes they'd just shut up.
  6. The fact that Pizza Hut is the only thing open in the University Center after 10 pm. 
  7. The jackasses who burn popcorn in the microwave and force everyone to evacuate the building at 11:30 at night during midterms week...in the freezing cold.
  8. Quite hours. Don't even get me started.
  9. Cleaning inspections. Although it is really funny watching guys trying to get girls to clean their bathrooms. 
  10. the Geese. I swear to you theres more of them than there are students. 

16 October 2014

How Tumblr Changed My Life

Everyone has their online personas, like quiet but cute guy who sits in front of you in your English class who turns out to run a successful, hilarious Tumblr blog. Or that strange girl in your Phys, Ed class who has no friend but actually has thousands of followers on her blog who thinks shes the coolest.
Let's face it, we're all different on here than we are in our real-lives. I'll be the first to admit it. On tumblr, i'm not afraid to say "fuck this shit" or care what people think of me. I'm free to express my opinions without being judged. I can be sassy, cynical, sarcastic person that I really am. Not the sweet, well-behaved girl that everyone thinks I am.
But the things is, I actually used to be that sweet, well-behaved, prim, proper, boring as fuck girl.
Then I joined tumblr.
I guess you could say that tumblr changed my life, yeah. It made me aware of the fact that I actually hate like 50% of my friends because I can't stand the fact that they ALWAYS have to be right, and that I know nothing (let's just say that that 50% is no longer in my life).
It made me more aware of some fucking awesome music. I mean, HELLO, I was your typical white-girl from the 'burbs of Chicago who would only listen to AT Top 40 and wouldn't touch anything that fell under the genre of Alternative, Punk or Indie with a 10 foot pole.
It made me more aware of the fact that I should stand up for what I believe needs to be fixed in the world, and to not only be aware but actually do things to change the world.
But the best thing I learned from tumblr?
To accept my body for what it is, and to not be ashamed of how I look. I'm not some size-4, blonde hair, blue eye girl. I'm a size-16 with a huge ass and I couldn't be more comfortable in my own body.
But the pre-tumblr me?
Let's just say I constantly walked around waiting for someone to come up behind me and say "Hey fat-ass"
To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't be who I am without tumblr
It's been almost 2 years since creating findingmysunsetsomewhere.tumblr.com (shameless self-promo. Go check it out), and well, to be perfectly honest, I am a stronger, new me.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Thank you tumblr.
Thank you for changing me for the better.

Broken Hearts

15 October 2014
            From M:
Boys don’t know what they want. They don’t see a good thing when they have it. You’re too good for him anyways because he seems kind of lame. Also not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Somewhere in the world there’s somebody who loves drum corps and arguing and color guard as much as you do and you’ll fall in love. There are still a few thousand people at college who you haven’t met yet. There are 3.5 Billion men in the world. So there has to be one for you.

            I like him like a flower loves the sun, but if only he liked me like he liked his video games and his football. I’ve tried getting interested in the things he likes but its no use. I means I’ve spent all most all of today in his room.

            It’s simple.
            I’m too plain, too bland, too fat, too ugly, too uninteresting for him.
            I’m too me.

            He’d rather have a girl that goes out and parties all night and wakes up the next morning with no recollection of the night before.

            I would say that I’m losing myself  when I’m with him but the truth is that I don’t know what I am when I’m with him. Sometimes I’m wild and free and the next I’m shy and timid.

            How does he make me feel?
            Why does he make me feel?

            But the honest truth is that I’ll never be his girl.
            Because I actually like to remember the night before,
            Because I actually like to know my limits

            If that makes me boring, then so be it.

            Because it makes me, me.

            And I’d rather be me than be his anyday.


09 October 2013

Here's to new beginnings and happy endings...

      I've always loved to write and share my opinions, but i've never really had an outlet to express myself...until now. I've always thought about blogging, but i've never fully given it a good thinking, until now. Why now, you may ask? It's my senior year of high school, and like any high school senior, I want to remember these days for the rest of my life, and what better way to do that than with a blog of my very own. A blog that will, hopefully, follow me to graduation, through college and the ups and downs that come along with growing up and moving on from everything you've ever known in life.
      Hence the title, "Here's to new beginnings and happy endings". It may only be October (yeah, Halloween is almost here!) but my life after high school is already starting to take form. I've been accepted to 4 great colleges, and as my classmates are just deciding to choose where they even want to go to school, I've been making the big decisions, such as how am i going to decorate my dorm? I'm semi-kidding, although i do think about things like that. But i also think about how the hell am i going to pay for school? And what about student debt? But thats the thing about new beginnings, they're full of the unknown, full of mysteries and full what-ifs. But thats what i love about them. 
     New beginnings are never the same twice, and they'll never be the same as the happy endings you've had. 
     Happy endings are like outer point of a heart, which is the most important part of a heart. Without it, the heart would just be half-completed and lopsided. The same is with happy endings. You need that outer point, that driving force propelling  you into a new beginning, or your happy ending would just be all happy and no ending. We need endings in our life, just as we need oxygen, water, shelter, food and a strong wi-fi connection (hey, it is the 21st century after all!). We need endings in our life so we can grow as people.
     Happy endings and new beginnings aren't uncommon to high school seniors. Each year, as a student walks across that stage in those hideous polyester gowns that no one can ever pull off, receiving their diploma from their principal, they've started their new beginning and succeeded in finishing their happy ending. And that's what i'll be doing on May 25, 2014, starting a new beginning as a high school graduate and leaving behind all the baggage that i accumulated in my four years.
So, now that i'm done rambling, here's a little about me.
  • I love fashion. I can't live without it! I've always loved the idea of how with some fabric, needle and thread, you can create an item of clothing that completely describes how you feel. It's astonishing and beautiful.  And, now i'm going to sound like a true fashion geek, but sometimes, when pieces are created by a true master, they're not pieces of clothing but pieces of artwork. 
  • Pinterest is my guilty pleasure! I have found myself roaming through the fashion, interior design and baking tags on there for over 3 hours...oops!
  • Interior design...love it! 
  • Baking...i'm obsessed. It all started with my mom. As a kid she would drag me along to the various county fairs surrounding my hometown, entering her amazing baked goods. She would win 90% of the time. I saw all the awards she accumulated, so of course, I wanted to enter too! By the time i was 9, I had 3 grand-champions under my belt and was entered for the first time in the state fair competition. Needless to say, i've been hooked on baking ever since, so expect to hear a lot about my attempts at recipes i find on Pintrest.
  • I'm a senior in high school (if you haven't figured that out already) and i hope to attend Ball State University next fall, majoring in public relations. 
Last but not least, thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. I know i don't always make sense, but i hope you can make sense of it.